Lying, Crying and Dying

by K T

Released 2016
Black Cat Productions
Released 2016
Black Cat Productions
An upbeat collection of Pop/Rock story songs about life, love and death, characterized by strong lyrics, good beats, and interesting vocal harmonies. Overall, the sound is more like that of a pop/rock band rather than a singer/songwriter.
A description of each song in the collection is listed below.

"Why Don't You Call Me" (Uptempo) A boy tries to help the girl of his dreams recover from a broken heart.

"The Rock Singer" (Mid Tempo) An adult man tells the story about meeting his rock idol, as a teenager, and how that affected the rest of his life.

"Afraid of Love" (Mid Tempo) A girl, whose boyfriend cheated on her, is asked by a rival suitor, to reconsider love.

"X-Rated Movie Star" (Uptempo) A story about a young "Hollywood" actress, who ends up in the porn industry.

"Selfish Man" (Slow Tempo County Song) A man's wife dumps him for taking her for granted.

"Walking Atom Bomb" (Uptempo) A rock song about the trials and tribulations of loving a free spirited wild child.

"Ode to a Rainy Day" (Slow Tempo) A man tries to cope with the death of his mother.

"If I Had a Chance" (Uptempo) An 80's style lament about a man, who misses the opportunity to marry the love of his life.

"The Messiah" (Slow Tempo) A gospel song about the crucifixion of "Christ."

"Hey Pedro" (The Immigrant Song) An illegal immigrant, faces obstacles, after crossing the "Mexican" border to "America."